• Automation of work with agents and tourists
  • Flexible adjustment to the task and free education
  • A lot of integrations

What are the opportunities U-ON.Travel gives business?

Organization of work of the entire network

Management of travel agencies network:

  • Adding new agencies to the network
  • Data change travel
  • The ability to change a pricing
  • Exclusion of agencies from the network

A single contract and newsletter templates for the web

We will help to download your contract in CRM, it will automatically appear at all your travel agencies. Any changes in the contract it automatically changes in the offices of travel agencies. This eliminates the moment one of the travel agencies network will not work on the Treaty network.

News and promotions

The system helps to inform the travel Agency of your network news or special offers. Every travel agent to get a notification in his office, and you can see the statistics of this notice. As a news you can announce any special offer, which is instantly recognisable your agents.

The unified call center and reservation center

Install the unified call center in the management of the company and distribute calls or leads in the travel agencies network. In the presence of booking centre you can to take bookings in a single CRM with your travel agencies.

The call centre

Cloud telephony allows you to create a single call center for the entire network. Each Agency can even have your personal room phone. When you call a tourist to the management company the Manager will be able transfer the call to any travel Agency network.
As a Supplement it is possible to generate distribution statistics calls travel agencies.

The reservation centre

When the network has a Central booking system helps to automate this process.

  • The ability to redirect requests from the office of the travel Agency office the management company
  • The inability to change the application when she is in office management company
  • The opportunity to return the application to the Agency describing the reasons for the refusal
  • Separate status booking
  • Notification of the responsible Manager about changes to the application

Statistics on sales and tourists

Statistics across the entire network or a specific travel Agency

The system provides the ability to see the statistics on the number of appeals/applications/tourists, income/expense and profit across the network or specific travel Agency, with for any period.

Portrait of the client

The system helps to generate a portrait of the client across your network provides a complete picture in a single table.
For example, how many couples (husband and wife) aged 35 to 44 have visited hotels with 3 stars.

Statistics by country

What country is demand from tourists for your travel Agency? For each the country, the system provides statistics on the number of filings, income/consumption and profit.

Statistics on hotels

What are the hotels (any countries or resorts) is in demand among tourists of your travel agencies? For each hotel, the system provides statistics on the number of orders, income/expense and profit.

Statistics for applications

The system provides the ability to view all applications for travel agencies your network with detailed information for each application. But keep in mind the moment the protection of personal data - the phones and passports of the tourists you're not here find.

  • Application number
  • Reservation number
  • Country, city, hotel
  • Touroperator
  • Created date
  • Travel dates
  • The name of the travelers
  • Cost price
  • Value

Section I operator

The system provides the ability to store all your services and packages in one section. You can change the services in your price list, and then just upload to CRM, our system will determine which service should be removed, and what just update or add as new.

Synchronization of services and packages on the website

Widgets services will help you to display services on your website or in a list or even a search engine. All columns and fields you can customize yourself. Syncing with the website will not make the same actions on the website and in the CRM. Edit services in CRM, and all the updates will be automatically to appear on the site. Video instruction

Packages with prices

As a tour operator you can create and modify services, or to create packages from the services. In the package card shows all the detailed information on services. CRM allows you to import any service and edit them in the dashboard, and create from scratch.

The packages can be formed even from different partners, thus get Commission not only for their services, but sold and services partners. Video instruction


We have implemented a convenient tool for creating diagrams of the bus or any other vehicles (even the mini-hotel), and when a requisition is created for tourist you can choose a specific location in the transport. It will be visually displayed on the diagram. Video instruction

Applications for tourists and team application

We have divided the financial components of tourists and your finances before partners for every tourist you create your application and will be able to choose places in transport or hotel, also print the contract. Separately you create a General application for all sales of that particular package in this the application you will be able to pay with their partners and print General documents for all applications of tourists a single list - buyers / tourists / payments or transport scheme with the names of tourists on each place!

Directory of suppliers

In this section you will find the services of those companies that are suppliers of and you can resell them on your website. You can act supplier and provide an opportunity for other companies to sell your services. All this is possible easily to implement in U-ON.Travel.

The search engine for tours on the website

For whom the actual this functionality?
For companies that need to make a convenient search engine for tours on the website.
You can design the kind of search (size, location, filters for which there will be a search service) and choose those services who will find customers.

Buying services

This feature allows the tourist to choose the service touroperator, to create an application and fill in the data of the buyer. Manager it only remains to process the application.

The signature of the contract by SMS

The most important thing in remote client - this is the signature of the contract. We developed a system for sending SMS to the client with reference to the contract, the client can examine the contract and receive a one-time code via SMS message. In the system we immediately show how one-time code and through what's the phone number a contract was signed.

There is also the possibility of signing a document via electronic digital signature and the Paperless service (Ukraine).

Business process automation

CRM helps managers not to perform the same type of operations and does not allow them to forget to take any action, and the leader - to have control over the mistakes of managers. You set up once and forget about it forever. Examples of business processes:

  • The manager changed the status of request to "Confirmed" - CRM shows a pop-up window "Fill in the field Booking number"
  • The manager changed the status of request to "Documents issued" - CRM creates the task "Get feedback" after the tourist returns back
  • The manager changed the net price - CRM sends a letter to the leader with the text "Attention! In application number ... the cost price has been changed"
  • The manager deleted the payment in request - CRM shows a pop-up window to the accountant with the text "Attention! Deleted payment in request No. ..."
  • The manager has attached a tourist with the label VIP to request - CRM shows a pop-up window with the text "You can add a 2% discount to the tourist"
  • A new request has been created with a specific tour-operator - CRM sends a letter to a specific manager who deals with this tour-operator
  • And many others, everything is limited only by your imagination :)


A full package of documents is already filled with data in just 10 seconds. Instant printing.

We provide turnkey agreement, approved by the Ministry of economic development, with some useful changes from the lawyers. But you can upload your contract and change absolutely everything in it!

U-ON.Travel automatically generates:
  • Customer agreement
  • The booking form
  • Calculation of the tour (net / gross)
  • Annex to the contract
  • Vouchers for services (if you are a touroperator)
  • Cheat the tourist
  • Credit/debit orders
  • And the ability to change all patterns!

Selection of tours to the client in 2 clicks

Our system has long worked with the service to create collections Qui-Quo. It helps managers to create selections rounds for a few minutes, collecting tours of the sites of tour operators to the cart in any online store.

Service capabilities:
  • quick development of a set of tours
  • beautiful letter when sending a collection of tourist
  • the ability to share it via email, phone, social network or messenger
  • receiving a notice in the CRM when viewing a specific tourist tour collections
  • send the selection in CRM for 1 click

Quick booking

The entry of passport data is one of those routine operations which the travel agent faced every day. They need to enter several times: in the contract, on the website of the tour operator and many other places.

We together with our partner, Qui-Quo came up with a way to simplify and to make it so that the passport data had to be entered only once and then simply select the tourist office tour operator, and his passport data will be automatically distributed across the fields.

The description of the link:

Quick Login

You probably have a lot of passwords from your personal accounts. You give passwords to your managers. They write them down somewhere and then manually type them on the keyboard each time. Or they save them in browsers on work and home computers. And when someone quit, you change all passwords, and employees write them down somewhere again. Sound familiar?

Qui-Quo will help you put things in order! All passwords will be stored in one place, in a secure, encrypted form. And in order to log in, it will be enough to press just one button, and Qui-Quo will fill in the username and password and log you in.

The description of the link:Что-такое-быстрый-логин-и-как-это-работает-

Quick request

On the websites of tour operators there is a button "Quick Request in CRM". This button will not only allow you to quickly create an application in U-ON, but also retrieve all information about the tour.

You no longer have to manually enter data about the hotel, flight, insurance and transfer or copy them from the tour operator's website. With the help of Qui-Quo you can easily and easily transfer the application to U-ON.Travel. A quick application removes the routine from your work, the risk of making a mistake is reduced.

The description of the link:Быстрая-заявка-в-crm

Requests with details of services

A record of all requests and complete detailing services with the filtration. All the necessary information for each application. Including payments, and debts of client. Can assign the status of each request and even create your statuses.

U-ON.Travel provides many opportunities for requests control: enable/ turn off services from the application to recalculate the value of the exchange rate, set reminders for each application, and more.

  • Brief information on requests
  • Payments and debts of customers and partners to account for the travel Agency
  • Nastraivanie statuses (even a background color)
  • Instant searching and filtering
  • Enable/disable services in the request
  • The automatic recalculation of the value of the exchange rate
  • Automatic reminders by requests

Mass SMS, E-mail and WhatsApp delivery

Send beautiful selection of hot tours and special offers like the whole base and selectively. Integration with most services via sms and e- mail delivery, such as, Unisender, EPochta, and many others). There is also the possibility of mass mailing in WhatsApp.

Ready-made email templates for mailings

Save the working time with ready-made newsletter templates for any occasion just load and use. You will receive ready texts of letters, beautiful images, auto-fill the customer name and company name.

Automatic notification to the tourists

Configure automatic notifications will keep tourists in the know and to save time on communication with the client.

Notification types:
  • Congratulations on the Birthday
  • Reminder off
  • Notice on the return
  • Reminder about expiration of the passport
  • Notification of payment received
  • Notice of request creation
  • The change notification status of request
  • Many others

A ready-made notification templates

Save the working time with ready-made notification templates. Provided as a separate service, but saves a lot of time and money.

The branding of the personal account

To make the private office more convenient to use help function the branding of the personal account (white label).

Branding includes:
  • the company logo in the profile
  • company logo on the login page to the system
  • the ability to use your subdomain as the login
  • in letters from tourists and in a private office is hidden U-ON.Travel

Auto-fill documents passport scan

We have developed a mobile application for taking photos passport data are automatically recognized and enter into CRM. The entire process will take no more 10 seconds. Recognition of any documents – the passport and the passport, visa, honey. insurance, driver's license, etc. passports will automatically fall into the contract.

Video link:

Integration with social networks and messagename

Connect to any instant messengers and social networks to CRM and communicate with customers from a single system.

  • Подключение whatsapp / telegram / viber / vk
  • Getting messages from all channels in the personal Cabinet
  • Sending a message to the client in any messenger from CRM
  • The ability to write to the client first (even if it did not apply to you)
  • Automatic attachment of all messages to the desired tourist
  • Pop-up new message notification from the customer directly in CRM
  • Flexibility

Video link:

Statistics, Analytics and sales funnel

The CRM system keeps track of all leads (potential customers). Wide the power of Analytics in CRM allows you to see all the statistics in the dynamics:
  • accounting for sources of Finance, countries, hotels, customers, or partners
  • analysis of sales by country
  • the sale of a specific Manager
  • funnel of leads and a sales funnel
  • automatic generation of portrait of your customer
  • the dynamics of growth of your company and comparison of different periods for sales
  • reason of rejection
  • statistics for marketing (UTM-marks on the lid)
  • the average time of transaction
  • customer reviews and counting with an average rating of managers' work (NPS)

Integration with cloud/office IP telephony

Integration with cloud, and with office IP telephony will give the chance make and receive calls directly from the CRM, as well as many other convenient functions.

  • Integration with a virtual PBX (Megaphone / / Mango Telecom / for Nothing / Gravital / Beeline / Rostelecom / UIS / Moissante / Binotel and others)
  • Integration of any office telephony (via tools Prostituci)
  • Creating and connecting cloud telephony
  • Pop-up card customers on incoming call
  • Forwarding the incoming call to a specific Manager
  • Outbound calls from CRM
  • Recording
  • The preservation of the history of communication with the tourist

Connect a mailbox in CRM

Integration allows you to collect letters from tourists who write on your work email directly in the CRM. To meet the tourists on emails from CRM. Forget about switching between the CRM and mail.

Video link:

Mobile apps

U-ON.Travel has its own mobile app for both Android and for iOS. Now the Manager's job became even easier. No matter where you are you are now at any time you can view the cases and tourists on your smartphone. Using the app is free. Link to application:

Customer base

Customer base in one place with easy search and filtering. CRM functions saves time when dealing with customers:
  • complete client database in CRM
  • quick search
  • filtering and sorting
  • search birthday
  • segmentation of the customer base
  • history of travel clients for easier accounting in a travel Agency
  • adding comments and reminders for each customer

Video segmentation of the customer base:


Supplier base in one place with easy search and filtering. CRM functions saves time when communicating with partners:
  • account objects for each partner
  • segmentation of partners
  • online requests to partners on targets
  • templates online query
  • distribution history online query

Bonus program for tourists

Create your own unique loyalty program and return its tourists without sacrificing profit. CRM has a very convenient system of calculation and write-off bonuses.

  • accounting vouchers
  • the results of the virtual bonus cards to tourists
  • the creation of card types (e.g., economy / VIP)
  • the ability to set the terms of the cancellation of bonuses
  • mass addition or deduction of the bonuses
  • automatic accrual of bonuses on requests
  • automatic calculation of bonuses when calculating the amount of the tour
  • ограничения по безопасности для менеджеров (система подскажет менеджеру , что такую большую скидку по заявке предоставить не получится или так много бонусов списать нельзя)

The system of motivation of managers (KPI)

Transparent and effective system of personnel motivation. Easily customize bonus accrual and write-off of fines, and the company will become more efficient.
But automatic payroll simplify the work of accounting and will free up precious hours of working time!

  • Automatic distribution of profit among employees
  • Setting bonuses and penalties for employees
  • The ability to adjust the bonus for the operator in applications (useful if you have SPO from a touroperator)
  • Schedule tasks in real time
  • Automatic calculation of salaries and bonuses employees

Live at the motivation program:


The system provides a functionality for accounting and financial operations:
  • cash book for the accounting company
  • accounting for indirect costs and income (office rent, courier, telephony)
  • automatic synchronization of currency exchange rates of touroperators
  • automatic conversion of debt when the rate of the touroperator
  • the possibility of using different currencies and automatic conversion courses
  • the ability to use the deposits
  • scheduled payments tourists
  • the planned amount for partners
  • the use of accounts and Swift
  • account receipts (if connected to the online checkout)
  • the separation of access rights for employees (for example, allow to create the payments with the tourists, but to prohibit to add payments to partners)


The system provides the ability to transfer money is via the application the Deposit. For example, this is done by cancellation of the order, but money already are on the side of the tour operator. When a tourist selects a new application you can make money from a previously created Deposit.

Такую же операцию можно провести с вашим депозитом у партнера - в этом случае вы создаете свой депозит на стороне партнера.

Video on work with deposits link:

Database security

Protect the database from intruders by encrypting and setting notifications about suspicious activity with the database:
  • Encrypted data transfer protect your work from potential intruders (256-bit SSL encryption)
  • Guarantee of uninterrupted power supply will help to be always connected and up to date event company
  • Protection of personal data in accordance with the Federal law RF On personal data(152-FZ)
  • Backups will help prevent data loss
  • All data is stored on the territory of Russia (according to the law on data storage)
  • Passwords are stored encrypted (even we do not know the password employees)
  • Setting the notification will help to avoid unfair use of your the client base (you only need to specify, for example, 50 hits cards customers for 1 minute, you will immediately receive notification)

Financial guarantees of touroperators

The system contains all relevant financial guarantees of touroperators of Russia. You can always attach to one partner and several financial guarantees for display of several touroperators in the contract.

If you work with tour operators in other countries, you can always specify financial guarantees manually and continue to use them in applications.

We recommend that you subscribe to notifications of changes of financial guarantees. You know first, who is excluded from the register of tour operators.

  • financial guarantees all tour operators in Russia
  • automatic updates 1 time a day
  • synchronization with the Unified Register of tour Operators
  • the possibility of creating a list only the tour operators
  • the possibility of manual input of financial guarantees
  • notification of changes

Unlimited number of branches, offices and staff

Our clients are companies of different sizes and with different number of employees – from 3 to 180!

CRM U-ON.Travel gives the opportunity for any number of branches and any the number of employees to work effectively in the system. The system you have not going to slow down.

Integration with accounting and 1C

Data synchronization with 1C and services of online accounting.

The system provides the ability to update payments and sync customers with partners.

Online payment and fiscalization

Fast payment in your account, the credit cards and issue receipts (FZ-54). A large selection of companies through which you can make payments.

  • automatic creation of invoices
  • возможность подключения нескольких сервисов по онлайн оплате (Сбербанк / Тинькофф Банк / Pay.Travel / Аппекс / LifePay / Uniteller / LiqPay (ПриватБанк) / ATOL.Онлайн / Ferma от / ПСБ / Альфа Банк / CloudPayments / Evotor / Hutkigrosh (BY) / Platron)
  • the integration of the online cashier (Uniteller / at LifePay / Atol / Evotor)
  • automatic fiscalization (according to 54-FZ) with the conversion of the debt upon request
  • the ability to use one service to the Internet acquiring and other the service will try the fiscalisation!
  • the opportunity to pay a tourist from the personal Cabinet
  • the possibility of using a QR code to pay
  • SBP to pay (0.7%)

Video-on-fiscal (prepaid/ complete payment):
Video checkout Motor:

Calculate the cost of tours

Automation of calculation of tour cost based on cost of services. You pay only the cost of services paid by the tourist or their payment partners, and the system will consider all the Finance on the application and will show the debt.

  • the conversion of the debt based on the current exchange rate and recalculation occurs remaining payment amount
  • the ability to specify individual co-payments for services
  • the possibility of discounts
  • cost calculations separately for customer and partner
  • the recording with the tourist in one currency and with partners in the other

Leads from site

Creating applications in our system on the basis of applications from your website or landing page.

  • integration with your website or landing page
  • implemented integration with the service to create landing pages or LPGenerator any other
  • automatic receipt of all applications in CRM
  • flexible configuration

A large number of integrations

  • search and tour reservations (Sletat / Tourvisor / MyAgent)
  • end-to-end Analytics (roistat /
  • chat bot
  • online chat (jivosite / talk-me)
  • Google.CD
  • automatic CRM remarketing and management of social media (PostMonitor / TourHelper)
  • many others

API for developers

Using our API, developers can connect CRM with any other system and pass between tourists, applications, or any other data.


Notice any external system about the change on our side.

Интеграция с Zapier - a service for enterprises applications and process automation (has more than 750 applications). For example, you create a tourist in U-ON. Travel and you have automatically created and an email is sent for this tourist.

Интеграция с Albato - a service for enterprises applications and process automation. For example, you create a chat Jivosite and U-ON.Travel automatically created lead.

How the CRM introduction will improve business processes

If you're a Manager:
  • A quick interaction with the customer, instant responses and calls from CRM, all history in one place
  • Less mistakes and less routine by automating processes
  • The order of the client base
  • There's nothing to remember, the system will remind
  • All workflows will be 2-3 times faster

If you're a head:
  • Built the Analytics system will allow you to fix weaknesses and to predict the income
  • Protecting the customer base from theft and control of work of employees
  • Контроль всех финансов и бухгалетрии
  • Instant notification of change of financial guarantees of touroperators

U-ON.Travel developed by people who know specific features of tourism the business inside and take into account all the features and constantly improving system.

Reviews of satisfied customers

Сергей, генеральный директор
Решили перейти на программу для турагенств U-ON.Travel по нескольким причинам:
- наглядная систематизация данных
- получение статистики по офисам сети
- техническая поддержка на высшем уровне
Несмотря на то, что на рынке существует огромное количество предложений по онлайн-ведению заказов и автоматизации компаний, и есть множество облачных CRM систем, U-ON.Travel является наиболее адаптируемым сервисом не только для отдельных туристических компаний, но для сети турагентств!
Руслан, генеральный директор
Программа для турагенства U-ON.Travel помогла нам оптимизировать управление турфирмой и упростить наши трудовые процессы. Клиенты почувствовали повышение качества оказания услуг - это ведь наша главная внутренняя ценность.
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