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That's exactly 1 year since we used program u-on. And I have not once I caught myself thinking that I made the right choice. The choice was not fast. My the experience of the user with a variety of CRM in other business is very useful to me. I I know what I want from CRM. From summer 2014 to September 2015 were studied the major projects of CRM in the market of Belarus and Russia. But I have no idea could I find at a good price CRM that will exceed my expectations.

All the benefits indicated by the developers of u-on travel and confirmed my colleagues in the reviews. The program is very good, simple. It is good opportunity integration with other services. Is constantly improving, it is clear that there is a deep feedback from agencies.

For me as leader and for my employees comfortable, modern sales tool, but also a good motivation. Need investments. Did you know that all data entered into the program, in the end, to see the real result of the labor of all and of each individual, to perform and make the right moves. All this in a convenient form in the a wide range of parameters.

Looking back, I remember how much time was spent on Analytics sales and on the financial statements, control over the work of professionals and managers.

Just, thank you!
Геннадий Удалов, генеральный директор
ТурбазарБай, Беларусь
We develop Your product for the second month. I want to note that the system You have proposed meets all the requirements the daily work of the travel Agency. Everything is clear and available (we often there are questions, but mostly because of our inexperience, and not because of the imperfection of the system). Already recommended Your product to our colleagues in Kazakhstan.
Лариса, Начальник отдела туризма
GLOBO TOUR, Казахстан
Pros: Great program for travel agencies
You can log in with any computer connected to the Internet
All the info. for each treatment
You can see the result of the
There are private offices for the client. Class!
The program I really like.
Use 4 months. And very happy!
Cons: Not clear how to use the API.
I hope to be a webinar where he will talk.
Ekaterina Nikitina
Pluses: Everything is very simple, convenient and clear!
Cons: well, there are still moments, but the program is so good, that they are can not write
a good CRM product, I advise all who are looking for something like that
Alexandr Strelkovsky
Pros: Fast and intuitive process of adding leads
Easy editing of applications/appeals
Integration with many interesting projects that really make life easier tour company
A personal account of the tourist – a great thing
Nice interface
Continuing operational support for any question
Comfortable and detailed statistics (sales funnel, cash book)
The constant addition of new chips , good feedback to user

Cons: Not finalized hotel directory. The guys working on it. I hope in the near future will make it convenient and informative. It really helps the tour agents.
Very pleased that I chose u-on as a CRM system. All the main points that we wanted to have the automated system present, convenient adding of requests/applications automatically generating applications with external resources, the tour company, clear comfortable interface, informative statistics, accounting for all expenditures and revenues, automatic generation of complete package of documents on request.
Glad that you guys are constantly improving the system and always take our feedback, operational help in resolving all the issues raised.
U-on integrates with IP telephony, service the CCV quo reservation system and many other resources that really make life of our Agency simpler.
We wish you success and more customers. We are with you! ))»
Zoya Kustova
Pros: great design.
Full functionality.
Integration with the most popular services.
Cool service!
Thanks to the guys from U-ON Travel! And in particular Ivan for the prompt answers questions!
I work in a travel company as a marketer and so it was very important connecting to third-party services for analysis and further work with the database. U-On Travel you have almost everything! If you have questions or suggestions revision support responds very quickly and modify!
Alexandr Tselikov
Our company has long chosen the most optimal for our system optimization work. The choice was made on the program for the travel Agency U-On. Travel . The program allowed us to optimize workflows and simplify the process of management of a travel Agency. Allowed to access management and control from anywhere in the world. And the Cabinet has simplified the process of exchange documents.
Куркин Д.А.
ТА «АВИА-Вояж»
Not so long ago got the opportunity to try out the CRM system U-ON.Tavel . Enjoyed all the travel Agency, therefore, the opinion about CRM has evolved multi-faceted. But they agreed on one thing: great app. Using the U-ON. Trabel you can not only monitor the application, but automatically create a variety of documents. It is very convenient for large volumes work. Also pleased with the functionality to automatically obtain Lida with landing in our database. In my opinion, the CRM has a chance at the global popularization among the most travel agencies.
Мухина Наталья
ТА «Лидер-Тур»
After reviewing dozens of automation systems for travel agencies our company stopped at U-ON.Travel. We are impressed by the flexibility of the system, functionality, speed of implementation of improvements. But the main thing is gorgeous support from the staff service, we always received an instant response all suggestion and comments. U-ON.Travel allows us to focus on providing excellent service for our tourists, instead of to do a chore.
Александр Довгопол
ТА «Хороший Отдых
About a year ago, we were puzzled by the choice of a CRM system for automation activities of our Agency. Because we have quite a specific niche – we work as an Agency for the organization of sports camps, which involves and the tour operator and tour Agency activity, working with groups. Revising a lot of options, we stopped at the U-ON.Travel . We are satisfied with the work in especially I want to note that during the year the service has really changed, infiltrated a lot of useful additions. And most importantly, the creators almost instantly respond to any requests for changes to specific functions, which t are our characteristics. Continues to be next!
Ярошенко Илья
As U-ON and QUI-QUO-changing lives for the better!
No more routine – just work is a pleasure!

First in my life appeared U-ON, to him I, too, was a relatively long time – worked using old-fashioned methods of account – sign in Excel, the addresses in the mail and other prehistoric tools to the travel Agency. But then it became clear that recorded in a notebook the tourists lost to base Excel quite uncomfortable, and generally it takes a lot time that could be spent on more useful for business things. IN U-ON I saw something about the integration with QUI-QUO, but the word integration and the more QUI-QUO was unclear, and had a feeling that it's something tricky, I it is not necessary, and it's not for me, I have everything so well etc..

Everyone can choose their excuse. And, of course, everything new is scary the unknown, the new program twice. Remember that stress and trouble happens when there is a new version of some familiar program. Then a friend I 3 agencies told me that her managers asked her to set them KVI QUO, and she agreed, i.e. funny money, and the benefit is obvious ) I praise U ON and I recommend you to do that the tricky integration to facilitate the work. While not be, but I I think that will soon ripen. In General, QUI-QUO had been onto me from different angles, but I didn't give in and carefully composed customers familiar letters with collections of prices and hotels, spending a lot of time.

Hour IKS has come to Travel It Workshop 28 2015, where I visited the the presentation of QUI-QUO, which was a cheerful and very energetic Alexey Kamenchuk. Then I realized that something is passing me by, and that- it is clearly interesting and modern. After the presentation Alex for a bit told us about their offspring and found that the program has existed for 3 THREE (!!!) year, this is almost the same as I have in the travel agencies business and all this time I did not use it! Urgently wanted to run to the office and set finally this wonderful program to make life easier for a travel agent.)

So I did and since then in my daily activities almost no space the routine – selection of the tour, tourists will take a minimum of time travelers are leaving office with a nice letter from the tours, 100% agree to give your e- mail to get this beautiful collection in the mail, all requests immediately accounted for in QUI-QUO and U-ON, parallel to the growing customer base of phones and email in the near future I plan to start a newsletter, use these magical services.

What's to like about QUO-QUO and U-ON is that you can write any wish in the software and automatically corrected or added. So for example, I asked Alexis to add links to groups in the social. networks signing letters to the tourist. Throughout the day the request was complied with, and think the benefit of these buttons will bring not only to me but to all users program.

I want to thank the teams of QUI-QUO and U-ON for what they do! It it's great that people came up with and implemented such a convenient thing, they are constantly improving and clearly enjoy their work as I am now!
Куликоа Людмила
Интурист Магазин Путешествий
Tested My documents , SAMOTER, and U-ON, TourManager. From my point U-ON a very sensible program. There is a possibility to add additional fields of their own choosing. And the guys in the team very adequate. CRM - now. There are not a travel system, but the presence of the hands and head could use them. The Bitrix good free the system, but the number of users is limited. The main problem is that not all data are entered, and if not all data – no desired result. There are more CRM – is tourcontrol but I have not tested.
Александр Шнайдерман
A couple of times there have indeed been errors in the display of information in the list orders, but during the day the problem was solved by the staff of Huon, although we the request is not sent to support. And about the contract with tourists, duck and who hinders to adjust your pattern? What you want to go, I also looked.

More than a month use U-on travel. All very comfortable, and beautiful design (not the fact that the same tour the VERY poor). Recommended.
Евгений Елменкин
This is another example of what not to do any accounting to Excel. CRM system should be implemented at the early stages of the company, then to not be excruciatingly painful and insulting (especially when you leave the next Kate).
Нагибович Константин
Great CRM system. The perfect tool for the job. Allows you to keep records Our tourists and spend Analytics. After the start of use – increased productivity, increased sales, reduced the time to search e-mail offers. Very comfortable and versatile system. Thank you!
Perfect travel , Tyumen, thanks for the opportunity to Express your feelings about the product CRM system YUON.
User Galkin Vladimir – Manager of the company.

More comfortable and work program for the Manager of the tourist organization the CRM system YUON is difficult to imagine. The creators of the platform working the notebook Manager implemented the desire of agents to reduce the time the technical implementation of the product, freeing up space for creative work with the client. HUON – really handy, able to perform a number of tasks without involvement of the agent. It is important to adjust under itself electronic assistant and get the maximum result from the activity. HUON – designer, able to adapt to the needs and ambitions of the agent. Very well, there is a tandem programs YUON and QQ (tools) – the like Shiva complements a couple of hands.

It is noteworthy that this constructor is being improved – as well as clients with whom the agent works. The efficiency of solving problems for them flexibility not to restrict the imagination of the agent in the actions directed the implementation of Tur.product.

My choice CRM system YUON + QQ. Sincerely yours, Manager of perfect travel , Galkin Vladimi.
Thank you.
«Перфект Тревел» г. Тюмень
With the development of the company, there is a need to maintain the client database. A conducting mail and SMS mailings to customers, informing about promotions and special offers. These services are available in U-On. Pleased also that in the program has such useful things as a birthday reminder client or about the expiration of his passport. Very satisfied the use of a CRM system Yu-He's at work.
Are U ON about a year – there is nothing to compare! Now, I think I- truly in love in this program... I like it very much: the program is constantly evolving and undermined for our needs, developers do warn our desires. If the request is with our side – we find complete support, responsiveness and desire really HELP! It's great that the system can be accessed from any place and at any time! Great that it is integrated with search and payment tours SMS, e-mail sending and especially thank you for QUI-QUO! To work in the program it's interesting, modern and not expensive!
I want to thank the creators of the system we have

In his many years of work used a different system to work with customers, u-on was the most convenient for all managers: comfortable reminders and guides for tourists and hotels, and most importantly, it works without failures. Also frequently use the mailing lists themselves are easy and quick compose we need templates. Going to use the program in the future!
Турагентство «Фристаил Тур», г. Тверь
We began to use the Qui Quo in October 2015 on the recommendation of our colleagues and friends! Very grateful that she insisted that we tested the system and helped in the beginning to understand what was happening. Now no Qui Quo, we are nowhere. Modern, convenient, cheap, a good assistant for the employee of tourism!!!
A CRM system is really like! Comfortable, integrated with all the Internet the resources, the customer base is tracked perfectly, automatic notification and all necessary documents for the tour very loaded quickly and competently.
SRM comfortable, great for work! I like it a lot: constantly evolving. If you have questions, the staff always promptly and clearly it helps to understand. Love it!
Great program, simple and easy, works without a glitch. Regularly adding new capabilities. Really like that customers are not left without attention: the program happy Birthday, asked about lead rest.
We established a travel Agency in Moscow for work use CRM

For semi-annual use of this program can draw the following conclusions: great program, simple and easy, works quickly, without glitches and hangs. Regularly updated, and new action is needed. Tourists do not remain without attention: the program happy birthday, allows to do a mailing via e-mail and SMS and many more.

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