6 signs of a transition to a CRM system

  •    Your accounting system and control tables in Excel, notepads and pencil
  •    You have tried and tested database of their customers
  •    Your customers go
  •    You are unable to promptly communicate with the customers or partners
  •    You can't predict what awaits you on
  •    Your company is in the growth stage

Benefits U-ON.Travel

  •    Lead management and applications
  •    Easy integration with the site
  •    A personal account of the tourist
  •    The motivation program for employees
  •    Auto import courses
  •    Chat between employees
  •    10 sections of statistics
  •    The complete financial management
  •    Bonus program for tourists
  •    Auto import of financial guarantees
  •    Connect to any IP telephony
  •    New features every week
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From the first lines I want to say that this is one of the best crm systems in tourism. The main advantage when working with the crm system can be described in three words: reliability, simplicity and efficiency. For more than 5 years we work with such known companies as: a network of travel agencies Hot tours home network travel agencies Shop of Burning Permits a network of travel agencies TUI and a others. Your business development business, they trust us, trust our crm the system of tourism. We help our clients to feel confident in the tourism market. The simplicity of the system is that the crm system business helps you optimize your work so that any new people come into this business could easily be run in the system. Very convenient and affordable crm system for staff members and for leaders. Integrated online storage of all data has the ability to connections restricted access that allows managers see all accurate and necessary information in a single instance.

Our proposal for a wallet , as there are rates free and paid. With them, the more accurately you can see the PRICES, or call us at 8 (495) 961-1229, where we will reply to you at all your questions. So the same questions can send us email. mail support@u-on.ru.