Make money with U-ON.Travel

Start selling CRM-system U-ON.Travel in Your area on one of the 3 handy programs (or all 3 at the same time) and get a stable and a powerful source of income without any investment from Your side.

Option 1: Partner
The program is great for those who is fluent in the techniques of the Internet sales, but does not have the ability to lead customers in a constant mode.

  1. Place Your unique link in any convenient way on their resources or the resources of Your partners;
  2. Earn 20% per sale CRM system U-ON.Travel undertaken on Your unique link.

Version 2: Official representative
The program is aimed at individuals and legal persons engaged in the sale of IT products and ready to engage their customer base continuously.

  1. Enclose partnership agreement;
  2. Spend free training for Your team;
  3. You will get a certificate of the official partner of LLC U-ON;
  4. Begin active sales CRM system U-ON.Travel;
  5. Try and keep their customer base;
  6. Get 30% of each billed invoice by You, paid for by the client.

Version 3: Expert
The program is designed for individuals and legal entities involved the sale, implementation and optimization of complex IT solutions for business.

  1. Enclose partnership agreement;
  2. Spend free training for Your sales team;
  3. Take the free expert training for Your service technicians and experts Your technical support.
  4. Will receive a certificate of official partner LLC U-ON with advanced authority;
  5. Begin active sales CRM system U-ON.Travel;
  6. Start selling services complex implementation, expert configuration, optimization or learning capabilities of CRM-system U-ON.Travel;
  7. Try and keep their customer base;
  8. Get 30% of each billed invoice by You, paid for by the client, and 100% of any sold additional services.

Become a partner, u-HE and earn a steady income from the sales CRM system U- ON.Travel!
CRM system U-ON.Travel is a program designed for companies working in the field of tourism. Is a recognized and highly demanded on the market an effective system. The company-developer u-HE free offers partnership programme for the implementation of this system.

Learning system.
Becoming a partner of the company u-HE, You get a free crm training product, CRM system, U-ON.Travel , sales techniques, technical support experts with whom you can consult whenever You want time. After the training, the company gives You a certificate confirming Your knowledge and the opportunity to work with our product.

The possibility of realization.
The company u-HE is offering a free franchise system White label – the possibility of implementing a CRM system U-ON.Travel under its own brand, from its legal entity. When selling our product price is unchanged. You get 30% of the transaction. You can offer additional services to the client, such as the implementation of crm in his company, setting up crm, crm migrate data from the previous system into the CRM system U-ON.Travel and so on. At the same time, the cost of the additional services You set for yourself. The entire amount (100%) from sales services is for You.

The benefits of partnership with the company u-HE.
According to statistics, approximately 99% of travel companies are still working Excel, that's quite uncomfortable and inefficient. By becoming a partner with u-HE You will be able to implement high-tech and high-demand product out there, where and when You want. We have no strict restrictions on the sale only our system, You can combine them with other crm systems.CRM system U-ON.Travel is a great solution for automation for the tourism business.