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control a travel Agency

CRM system U-ON.Travel there is all necessary for effective work employees as a small travel companies to large tour operator. U-ON.Travel is a so-called online CRM or CRM online. This type of architecture is the most the best and convenient CRM solution for business and allows you to use full functionality U-ON.Travel from anywhere in the world.

Managers and supervisors have access to the applications data tourists, partners, are always connected and can at any time to perform all the necessary actions to build reports and plans to communicate with each other. CRM system U-ON.Travel You will find the following feature set:
for tourist
for a network of travel agencies
for the tour
for service provider

Price catalogue and integration with the site
The price display on your website and purchase of tourists.
Accounting for the network of travel agencies
Automation of a network of travel agencies for the management of the company.
Leads and a sales funnel
Account of the inquiries, leads and statistics in the form of sales funnel.
Accounting applications in the travel Agency with full detail of services.
Automatic generation of documents for the tourist.
A personal account of the tourist
Personal access of tourists to their applications.
Online payment for tourist
The self-payment application.
Customers and partners
Integrated client database and statistics for each client and partner.
Financial guarantees of tour operators
Of all relevant financial guarantees of tour operators of Russia. Service change notifications
Интеграция с мессенджерами
Подключите мессенджеры и соц.сети к CRM и общайтесь с клиентами из единой системы.
Интеграция с почтовым ящиком
Подключите свой почтовый ящик и общайтесь с клиентами внутри CRM.
Search tours and tickets
The search and booking of tours and tickets.
The calculation round
Automatic calculation of the amount of tour services.
Finance and cash book
The accounting system of payments and accounting firms.
The work of managers, and profit from customer sales data.
Integration with accounting
Integration with the services of online accountants.
Integration with IP telephony
Integration with office or cloud-based IP telephony.
Loyalty program
Accounting for discount cards and bonuses to customers.
Motivation program
The program of motivation of employees and payroll.
Taking calls from site
Creation of requests to your website or landing page.
The approval agencies
The system is approved by the leaders and managers of travel agencies.
Data protection
Data privacy encryption method.
SMS / E-mail list
Automatic notification and distribution.
API / WebHooks / Zapier / Albato
Automation add leads from your website or landing page.
Deposits, scheduled payments, the sharing of access.
U-ON.Travel has no analogues in Russia and the CIS, objectively, is one of the best CRM tourism.

What is?

Information on applications
in one place

A ready package of documents
for tourist

Get the statistics
a couple of clicks

All financial transactions
on one page

Videos and the reviews

Самое удобное решение по автоматизации туроператора из тех, которые мы рассматривали. Работа с депозитами и кассами - это то, что мы искали!

Андрей, генеральный директор
Туроператор "АктисГрупп", г.Санкт-Петербург

Решили перейти на программу для турагенств U-ON.Travel по нескольким причинам:
- наглядная систематизация данных
- получение статистики по офисам сети
- техническая поддержка на высшем уровне

Сергей, генеральный директор
Турагентство "1001 тур"

U-ON.Travel выбрало более 16 000 российских и зарубежных туристических компаний.
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CRM system U-ON.Travel is the best tool for efficient work the tourism business, CRM for business. It is suitable as a CRM for small business, small tourist company and major tour operator. CRM system U-ON.Travel is an online CRM, or as they call it CRM online. This system is the best and convenient CRM solution the system for business. A huge advantage of this system –it is not tied to one place, and its full functionality can be used at any time from anywhere in the world!

An assistant Manager tour business.
CRM system U-ON.Travel is for SRM tourism is irreplaceable the assistant to the head of the tourist industry. It helps to build an accurate financial calculations and create and manage reports and plans, conduct the statistics of orders, monitor the work of managers, to communicate inside companies and more.

Control applications
CRM system U-ON.Travel is designed to optimise the business process. Thanks its functions Napominanie not lost and not zabudetsya no lid that to ensure an increase in applications.

Ensuring permanent clients
CRM system U-ON.Travel is a big advantage to work with tourists. She, CRM for tourism, not only optimizes the work with clients but it will also allow the tourist to check its application in the real world time, and increase customer loyalty to Your business and provides repeated requests.

Working in CRM system U-ON.Travel streamlines and simplifies business processes.